My Life in Numbers

Well, hello there. How are you? I feel like there’s a lot going on in my life that I haven’t updated here. The hunt for a new vehicle to replace the Silver Bullet. My continuing obsession with poetry. My journey towards becoming a math teacher. My love of tea. My podcast. I’ve decided to summarize it all numerically, because that’s how I roll.

toyota sienna minivan
This happened

Counting up my Life

Number of poems I have written so far in March: 33
Varieties of tea in my tea cupboard right now: 34
Days since I found I got in to teacher training at SFU: 20
Kilometers I have driven in my pre-owned Toyota Sienna minivan since I bought it: 1237
The same number of kilometers translated into miles: 769
Nights that my husband Jon stayed downtown while covering TED2015 last week: 8
Different types of seeds started indoors: 12
Number of potatoes planted outdoors: 15
Number of onion sets planted outdoors: 30
Podcasts I recorded this year: 1
Spring flower photos posted to Instagram: 10
Days of Spring Break for my kids this month: 16
Nights spent completely alone this month: 1
Nights spent completely alone since my daughter was born in 2005: 1
Days until I turn 39: 43
Pieces of licorice eaten so far today: 15
Number of steps taken so far today: 7044
Sudoku games played this month: 145
Stairs in my house: 29
Days since I last vacuumed: 12

What numbers are significant in your life right now? I’d love to hear!

On Returning to Poetry

writing poetry blogging words

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Hannah + 10 years and 12 days


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Farewell to the Silver Bullet

broken honda civic

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Picky Eater

baby eating food

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My Happiness List: January 2015 Edition

massage therapy happiness list

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Finding Comfort

cheddar cheese

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