From time to time I partner with parent-run businesses with a focus on safe, sustainable products for families to help them get their message out. I accept banner ads and sponsorship for the Podcast, a weekly show that’s also published to iTunes.

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As of September, 2012, here are some things you might want to know about

  • Over 19,500 page views per month
  • More than 11,500 visits from 9200 unique visitors per month
  • Visitors average 1.70 pages per visit and spend 1:54 on the site
  • Visitors come from: United States (49)%, Canada (31%), United Kingdom (4%), Australia (3%) and 106 other countries
  • I have 550 RSS subscribers
  • I have more than 4500 fabulous Twitter followers
  • I have over 960 Facebook friends
  • They tell me I have Klout
  • The weekly Podcast is published to iTunes. It had over 20,000 listeners during September.
  • I can turn a perfect cartwheel, but I can’t golf to save my life

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