My Happiness List: March 2014 Edition

happiness list garlic gardening

I blogged my last personal happiness list some six months ago in September, before I embarked on my new adventures in post-secondary education. I'm feeling like it's time to re-visit it, and remind myself about the things that are going well in my … [Read more ...]

Random Bits and Pieces

random bits and pieces

Every day I add write a blog post to my to-do list, and every day I don't get around to it. Then every day I feel sad about it. Today, I have no brilliant ideas, and the writing muse has gone on hiatus. Being back at school, reading textbooks and … [Read more ...]

What I Learned in February 2014

sfu what i learned last month monthly reviews

So it turns out that it is not only March now, but March 5. Once again I am, in fact, overdue for my monthly review. I didn't want to let it go, however, because monthly reviews are one of my favourite traditions. Here's how it works - every … [Read more ...]

Some Weeks Are Like That

home improvement

I love Judith Viorst's children's classic, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. The picture of the mother just looking down at the floor with no words left as Alexander destroys his father's office slays me every single time. … [Read more ...]

Hannah + Nine


Nine years ago right now I was sitting in a bed on the maternity ward, making phone calls. "It looks like the baby is coming early. I won't be able to come to the event tonight. No need to worry. Can you bring me apples? I'd love apples." When I … [Read more ...]

Forgiveness and Love

forgiveness friday valentine's day love valentine kid art

I'm a day late on Forgiveness Friday this week, due to technical issues with this site yesterday. Fun stuff! I refuse to let a little glitch get in the way, though, so once again I'm thinking about forgiveness - just 24 hours later than I planned. … [Read more ...]

You Might Be a Hippie Mama If (Part Three)

hippie mama

I sometimes refer to myself as a hippie mama. It’s a sort of short-hand way to tell you something about who I am. For example, I breastfed my children for over two-and-a-half years each. I own stainless steel straws, and I carry re-usable shopping … [Read more ...]